Naming Days & Welcoming Ceremonies FAQ

Do you wet the baby’s head?

Only if you request this ritual.

What happens at a baby naming ceremony?

This personalised ceremony is held to celebrate the union of family and the newest member to enter the fold. It will be written uniquely for you and your child announcing to the world your welcome and chosen name for this new addition. It takes the place of a religion-based christening; however, religious reference can be included should you want it. Your ceremony may include the story of your child, their significance within the family, your hopes and wishes for their future and the reasons for choosing a particular name.

You can have readings, songs, poems, singing, and symbolic elements such as a sand ceremony, a tree planting, lighting candles to mention just a few. Guests at the ceremony can read parts of the ceremony if you wish, and you can appoint “Godparents” during the ceremony. The entire celebration is personal to you.

If it’s not a religious service, why do we need “Godparents”?

“Godparents” at a Christening have certain prerequisites they must fulfil. At a naming ceremony, there are no such restrictions.  You can still include them but may want to call them by another name such as ‘Guardian’, ‘Mentor’, ‘Guide-parent’, ‘Odd-parent’ or any other name you come up with. It is your choice to appoint them, their role is to hold a meaningful place in your child’s and your life. If you include them in the ceremony, they may make promises and vows and offer guidance and love to the child.

How long does a naming ceremony last?

Usually around 30 minutes, but can be longer, depending on what you want to include in the service.

What is a Welcoming Ceremony?

This is a bespoke ceremony written to welcome a new member into your family such as an adopted child, a step child, a step parent, a relation or friend who has joined your family unit. The ceremony to welcome them can be as individual and unique as you would like. It can be held anywhere and you can invite whomever you choose as guests.