Naming Days & Welcoming Ceremonies

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

William Shakespeare
Naming Days

An adorable baby awaits their day when those dear to them gather to officially bestow a name and convey their love and hopes for the future of this treasured new life. The ceremony will be unique to your family and new addition. You can choose to include the significance of the chosen name, readings, poetry, music, singing in any form, performed by any of the guests, and anything else you feel is relevant. The ceremony of baby naming is crafted so that you may include any creative and personally meaningful moments. A sand ceremony, a foot printing ceremony, planting of a tree, are just some ideas. It is a canvas on which you can paint the basis for a beautiful future for your baby.

Fees from £250

Just to let you know that Georgia and Brendan loved their naming day, especially the rose petals! Steve and I loved it too and so did all the Grand-ies and “odd-parents”. When we eventually tie the knot we’ll be calling you to be our Celebrant!
Love Gayna & Steve

“Our most basic instinct is not for survival but for family”

Paul Pearsall
Welcoming Ceremonies

A longed-for adoption, the addition of step children, a step parent or co-parent; these are some of the greatest moments in the life cycle of a family and are worthy of a celebration to signify commitment and the life-changing significance of the event. As a celebrant I can officiate a joyful ceremony that is inclusive, unforgettable as well as fun.

Fees from £250

The FAQ page may have answers to any questions you have, and you can contact me for a chat about your prospective celebration, with no obligation.